Monday, October 6, 2014

Keila's 47 Month Update

  So I've obviously skipped Keila's 45th and 46th month updates. I kept meaning to get to them, but honestly with the chaos of preparing to move overseas and everything else we had going on, it just didn't happen. I guess this update will be chock full of surprises, then!

1. We have been in Japan for about a week and a half, and while Keila seems to be understanding a bit more of the language, she still isn't speaking more than a few words. I'm guessing this will all change after she starts kindergarten, though. Keila is also confusing people with her British accent, since they then also hear my American one. Wonder how long she'll keep it for? Hopefully it sticks, as I think it's quite cute!
Keila is also using quite complex phrases in sentences, such as 'I'm eating an apple right at this moment'.
2. Jet lag threw us for a loop in the sleep department, but that's to be expected of anyone with an 8 hour time change to adjust to. We're back to sleeping through the night again now (mostly).
3. Keila is still really into jumping around and climbing things, and as of 2 days ago she's taught herself how to move hand-by-hand along a bar (not quite monkey bars, just on on straight horizontal pole). She has also suddenly made huge leaps forward with her drawings---she will color designs into coloring books, make 3-D animal pictures (head on one side of the paper, back on the other) and basically spend any and all free time drawing or coloring. I know she's my kid so obviously everything she does is great (haha), but really it's impressive!
 Keila also seems to be on the verge of starting to read. I got her some very easy rhyming phonics books, and she can point out words when I ask where a certain one is on the page, although she won't necessarily say what the word is when I point to it and ask her. We're getting there, though.
 Not sure when we will get back to swimming, but I think we will start lessons once we get settled here. More on that in the future.
 Keila misses all of her friends in England very much, and we talk about them every day. We've been drawing some cards for them and have mailed a few pictures off already. She's been remarkably happy here so far though, probably because we are still at Grandpa's house and she loves her Grandpa!
 4. A story for this post....well there are probably a ton seeing as how long it's been since I posted, but yesterday's comes to mind. Keila was talking to her daddy on the phone last night, and he accidentally hung up on her. Keila handed me the receiver and said 'I guess Daddy's lunch is over. The bell is ringing'. She knows he has a bell at the end of lunch at his company, so she just assumed that's what the dial tone was.
 5. Last but not least....I have no clue how much Keila weighs. I think she's holding steady around 17 kilos? I roughly measured her with a kids' store height chart yesterday, and she was well over 105 cm so growing quickly!

  That's it until the birthday girl turns 4......

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