Friday, June 6, 2014

Keila's 43 Month Update!

   It's been another month already! Keila keeps progressing in leaps and bounds, too.

1. Keila's British accent continues to come along, as does her grasp of the English language in general. She will often ask me what words mean when we are reading and then sometimes try to use them later. Japanese is still pretty much never spoken, although she did say 'Itai' (ouch/it hurts) the other day when she bumped her elbow.
2. Sleep is ok, although Keila likes to wake up around midnight now and request a glass of water if I've forgotten to leave one by her bed. Still no accidents even without the diapers, too!
3. Keila has been loving playing outside now that the weather is slightly warmer, and will happily spend an afternoon at the park if allowed. She's very confident ie fearless about climbing anything, which of course leaves me on the verge of a heart attack sometimes. ('Look Mummy! I don't need hands to hold on at the top of the slide!!!').
 We are still going swimming once a week and still refusing to put our face in the water. Haven't been able to break out the paddling pool yet as it's just not that warm here. I don't know if she'd even put her face in it either, since she told me she'd do so 'when I am 5'.
 Keila's writing is quite good, at least based on comments by other people who have seen her. She does love drawing and will often sit making pictures and cards for up to 20 minutes or more, which is pretty amazing considering how much she loves running around, too. 
4.  Wasabi's birthday party was a great success; at least I think all the kids enjoyed it. Wasabi herself wasn't too thrilled with the shenanigans, especially the part where she was forced to make an appearance in a birthday hat. Keila is still talking about it a few weeks later, so I'm glad we did it. And the house wasn't even all that trashed afterward, amazingly.
 Story related to the party: we did face painting at the party, and apparently it was such a huge hit that another little girl was 'painting' kitty faces on everyone with markers at nursery the following day. She actually had a crowd lined up for it! Keila of course had hers painted but they washed it off before collection time so I unfortunately didn't get to record the moment.
 Keila's also convinced that she's marrying Daddy when she grows up, no matter what I say to convince her otherwise. She will at least share with me, though. Haha.
5. No idea how tall Keila is? I think she's about 16.5 kilos now and seems to be growing every day!


       Helping Mom dehydrate almonds!