Thursday, March 6, 2014

Keila is 40 Months Today!!!

  Here is Keila's 40 month is time passing by so quickly?? I feel like I'll be doing her 40 year update before I know it!!!

1. Language is still coming along quite well, although Japanese is lacking. People are starting to notice her cute British accent, though. She's picked up a lot from nursery school, although the American accent from Mommy sneaks through at times, too.
2. We are sleeping better, for the most part. Enough so that she sleeps through the night more often than not, and I'm getting accustomed to having a full night's rest again!!!
3. Keila is still enjoying nursery immensely, and she tells me stories about all of her friends there. Her nursery school has a lending library too, and she gets to bring home a book to borrow just about every day. Today, Keila came home from nursery and told me that 'God gave us brains, so I can think'. Clever girl! I can't remember if I mentioned last time that Keila can now write her name on her own? We practiced it a few times, and now she signs cards all by herself! She's very interested in letters and numbers, so we will work more on those in the following month.
 Keila is still scared of putting her face in the water while swimming, but this past week she was able to swim with just a ring around her middle, instead of her armbands and the ring. We are definitely making progress!
 4. Story of the month: Keila told me yesterday that when Wasabi (the cat) dies, God will tell Wasa to stop being naughty and knocking things onto the floor. (Wasabi has an awful habit of jumping onto counters and dressers and batting around whatever she can find). She also told me that Daddy's work is bad, and we should bury him in bananas so he can't go. Seemed logical enough to me! Haha.
 5. I think Keila is still around 16 kilos? Need to measure her height again soon!

    Snacking on broccoli while watching Mickey Mouse on the iPad