Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Keila's 28 Month Progress Report

  Another month has gone by! And since it was February, it flew by even faster than usual. Keila's been quite active the past 28 or so days, however. Here's her update:

1. Vocabulary is advancing at the rate of a high speed train. Keila is asking LOTS of questions now, especially 'What's that?' and 'What's happening?' or 'What's going on in here?'. She's using a tiny bit more Japanese: the other day she was chasing Wasabi and yelling 'Matte matte! Wait wait!'. Wasabi didn't listen in either language, however. Keila can now also sing the first 2 lines of Baa Baa Black Sheep from memory, pretty good for less than 2.5 years old!
2. Teeth are in as far as I can tell. Now we need another category to fill this blank!
3. Yeah, sleep is off again. We've caught a cold and were up 4 times one night last week, from then on it's been her waking up at least once a night since. Plus Keila hasn't been wanting to nap in the afternoons, either, or really even go down at bed time. All of this adds up to a cranky tired Mommy. Here's hoping she starts resting better soon!
4. Keila is still wanting to do lots of crafts, help Mommy around the house, and she really looks forward to playdates now. So much so that she yells 'No go home' whenever we have to leave. Our house is apparently really, really boring.
 Climbing at the playground is great fun now, and why walk anywhere that you can run? Other games that Keila likes at home include a 'Go Fish' game we got her last weekend, and of course the old favorite Hide And Seek.
 Finally, Keila is allergic to walnuts! She'd eaten some ground up in a cake on Valentine's Day, and then about a week later she wanted more when she saw me eating some. I again ground them up and gave her some...the stomach upset commenced about 3 minutes later. Poor girl! Still praying that she's outgrown the peanut allergy, though.
 5. Stories for this month. Just a couple short ones, but I think they're cute.
5a.We were eating dinner on Saturday and practicing animal noises with Keila. Cow goes 'moo' etc. At one point she told Daddy that it was his when he made whatever noise tha was required (bawking like a chicken maybe), Keila turned to him, clapped her hands, and yelled in a voice just like mine...'GOOD JOB!'.
5b. Today, I let Keila try a tiny piece of Lindt Wasabi Dark Chocolate. When I first told her she could try a piece, she got really confused about the 'wasabi' bit and kept saying 'Beastie?'. Beastie is her nickname for Wasabi the cat, quite a good nickname seeing as how Wasabi behaves at times! Anyway, I thought I had thoroughly explained that wasabi the spice and Wasabi the cat were two entirely different things...until Keila finished her little bite of chocolate.....and promptly asked me for 'more Beastie chocolate'.
6. No idea what Keila's height or weight is this month. She doesn't usually stay on the scale long enough for it to register, but maybe we'll try tomorrow.
 That's it for this month!

                                              Keila enjoying some 'Beastie' chocolate

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cadbury Easter Products: Cadbury Egg N' Spoon and Cadbury Mini Eggs Dessert Pudding

I'm taking a break from Rome to do a quick Easter-themed post: Cadbury Easter treats, to be exact. We've got two Cadbury treats for this post: Cadbury Egg n' Spoon, which comes with filling in 1 of 2 flavors: chocolate or vanilla; and Cadbury Mini Egg dessert pudding.
  Now, I saw these Cadbury Egg n' Spoon chocolates back a few months ago, but didn't bother to buy them because they weren't on sale at the time (regular price is 3.99, too much for 4 eggs if you ask me). And then I went and forgot all about them until yesterday, seeing as I've been on a dairy-free, gluten-free diet and didn't want to tempt myself with any milk chocolate.
 But...then we rediscovered them in Selfridges department store up in Birmingham, retailing at 5.49 per pack. Seeing as Selfridges is always insanely overpriced, I didn't buy any and figured I'd just pick a couple of packs up at the local grocery store on sale instead. What I didn't figure on is the fact that everyone else had been snapping them up in the meanwhile. I tried 3 different stores today and they were all sold out. The pic below is from the ones at Selfridges, and I'm hoping to get some within a day or two by imposing on the good grace of a friend in a neighboring town. Will let you know how they taste if I do get ahold of them!
 While searching for the Cadbury Egg n' Spoons, I also came across the Cadbury Mini Eggs Dessert Pudding online. And then found it in Tesco this morning. I only had 2 small bites, seeing as I'm still trying to avoid dairy (and the fat and sugar content in this tiny pack is insane)...but it was quite rich and good. If you want a cheap fatty, sugar rush with an Easter theme, go for it.
 Next up...either more on Rome or more on Cadbury Egg n' Spoon, depending on whether I can get my greedy paws on some Easter chocolate by Wednesday....

                   Cadbury Egg n' Spoon chocolate eggs

 Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Dessert Pudding (Cadbury Easter egg products)

                  The inside wasn't really all that visually appealing....5 eggs and a tiny pudding cup