Monday, May 6, 2013

Keila is 37 Months Today!

  Yep, my little girl is officially closer to 3 than she is to 2 now. How has time gone by so quickly?? And it seems like the past month has gone by even faster. We had a visit to Thomas Land, a mini-holiday in London, a tour of Keila's future nursery school, etc etc.
 Oh, and I think I forgot to post last month that Keila has outgrown her peanut allergy!! YAY! After almost 3 hours in the children's clinic at the hospital involving 1 teaspoon of peanut butter followed by 2.5 peanut butter chocolate cookies, it was pretty obvious that Keila's peanut allergy is a thing of the past. And that she gets really, really hyper when given too much chocolate and sugar. She literally bounced off the clinic bed just before we left. Good thing it wasn't too far from the floor.
 Anyway, on to Keila's monthly progress report.

1. Language is still improving daily. Keila uses lots of full sentences now but we hear a lot of commands too. 'Dada! NO!' or 'Daddy, get up NOW!' are some of her favorites. Also 'Wasabi, get DOWN!'. Keila will chatter away at home but can be quite shy in public. People keep telling me 'Don't worry, she'll really start talking soon'....hah!
 Keila is also showing a big interest in Japanese hiragana, and she will make me sound out each sound while pointing to the matching characters in her books. 
2. Sleep is still hit or miss. Most nights Keila will sleep through, although it just depends. She doesn't tend to like going to bed still and will often make up excuses such as needing a drink of water or having to go to the potty. Keila is also dropping at least one nap a week, leading me to fear that she may drop napping altogether soon!
3. Keila's favorite things this month include: doing puzzles on the iPad, along with spelling and matching apps on the iPad. Basically anything on the iPad whenever she can get ahold of it. She actually calls it 'MY iPad'. Nice.
 When Keila can't get to the iPad (ie Mom hides it as often as possible), she's been enjoying 'reading' her books, taking her dollies on walks in their stroller, and since it's getting warmer, playing in the back garden. Snails are a huge hit. 'Where do they live? Where is their house? Look at this snail!!!' I'm going to haul out her little tricycle tomorrow and see how well she does on it for the first time. She's used some at play groups before so hopefully this one will be easy for her.
 4. Story of the month: I chopped up a big chocolate Easter bunny and used it to make chocolate chip cookies. Keila had been asking to eat that bunny for days (I kept telling her 'not today', and of course she noticed that it was missing and asked where it was. I told her that it was now in the cookies I'd made. Keila looked concerned for a minute then happily declared 'So Keila has to eat cookies!!!'
 In other news, Keila also finds passing gas hilarious. She will proudly announce whenever she 'toots' and then laugh about it. She also likes to tell Mommy and Daddy that they are 'stinky' in Japanese. I'm not really sure how this came about, although we probably don't help the matter by laughing along with her.  Here is a recent video for your viewing pleasure: Keila Kusai Kusai!
 5. Keila was exactly 14 kg last time she climbed on the scale. I don't know how much she weighs right now though.

 Speaking of not sleeping, Keila is up and yelling for me right now so that's it for this month.