Sunday, April 6, 2014

Keila is 41 Months Today!

  We've been busy since last's what's happened in the last 30 or so days:

1. Keila's accent is further developing, although into what I'm not sure. One of my friends here told me that she sounded Irish! Keila is also having a bit of a rough time with her r's and l' in, most of her l's sound like r's instead. And I thought most kids had trouble with r's, not the other way around. In any case, apparently it's pretty normal and she will likely outgrow it. For now however, Keila has been getting quite frustrated with me when I think she's talking about 'Mari' instead of 'Molly'. Poor kid!
 2. Sleep! We are more or less sleeping through the night! And we are having dry nights consistently too, go Keila! Now if we can just get Daddy to stop working so late and getting home in the wee hours, then maybe I will start to catch up on rest at some point.
3. Keila has become more and more outgoing in the past month or so, I think as a result of attending nursery. She will happily wave at strangers when we're out for a walk, and she will reply to most people when they talk to her. Her shyness does return off and on, but overall she seems a lot more confident. During church services she will often try to wander off and go visit some of the women who teach her Sunday school class!
 We haven't really been swimming in the past month thanks to Mommy being on crutches, but we're hoping to get back in the pool within the next couple of weeks. One of Keila's little friends just got a couple of swimming badges for putting her face in the water, etc, so hopefully that will spur Keila into getting a bit more adventurous.
4. A few stories this month: Keila started crying one night before bed. When I got her to stop long enough to tell me what was wrong, it turned out that she had heard Wasabi (the cat) sneeze....and then tried to wipe Wasa's nose for her with a tissue. When Wasabi wasn't all that agreeable and then ran away, Keila got quite upset and began crying. She was exhausted but kept insisting that Wasabi 'really needs her nose wiped!!'.
 Also, Keila likes to make up fake words sometimes. Today's was 'pungees'. I asked what a pungee was and was informed that they are 'a type of kangaroo; they hop very fast and they don't give people kisses but they do give hugs'. When asked what made them different from regular kangaroos, I was told because 'they are blue' in a tone that implied I should have recognized the obvious!
5.  Keila is about 100 cm now!! She's really shop up since the last time I checked her height. I think she's about 16.5 kilos too but that was after a big meal so maybe a bit less?

Added bonus this month: Keila's Cinderella video!

 That's it until the 3.5 year mark!