Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Keila's 3.5 Year Update!

   Well, Keila is now closer to 4 than she is 3. I'm already having awful thoughts about how she'll be out of the house and off to university before I know it. How is time going by so, so quickly?
 But on to her update.

 1. Keila is still going strong with the British accent, and she will often correct me if I pronounce things like 'tomato' the American way instead of the British way. Apparently Mommy (Mummy!) doesn't know how to speak properly.  The alphabet is another point of contention: 'z' is not 'zeee' but 'zed'. Keila has added her own twist to it however and will randomly say 'e...f....'jed!'' instead of 'e...f...gee'!
 2. Still sleeping pretty well for the most part, and now we are officially a big girl ie no more night time diapers! Go Keila!
 3. Keila is continuing to gain self-confidence, although this has been a bit troublesome when the self-confidence involves wandering away from Mom or Dad when out and about. Maybe time to bring back the leash? Just joking! Really.
 We just ordered a paddling pool for the back yard that is supposedly large enough for kids to submerge themselves. Hoping it will help Keila practice putting her face in the water and getting a bit more at ease. We are also good to go in terms of getting back into the big pool next Monday!
 Keila has also really gotten into dress up and princesses recently. She now has 5 Barbie princesses, along with a Barbie horse and a Barbie Jeep, since a friend from church was selling some unwanted toys. Her dolls like to dress up and go to the ball, although now we 'need' to get a prince so they can dance. I tried to tell her that the girls are happy to dance without a prince, but that didn't go over so well. Guess I need to start searching for one on Amazon or Ebay? 
 4. I'm sure there are tons of stories from this past month but only a few are coming to mind. This afternoon, Keila locked me out of the house while I was unloading groceries from the car. (Honestly, who installs a deadbolt at ankle level on a door??). Thankfully she listened to me and opened the door right away when I told her to. Praying she doesn't catch on to the fact that I won't be able to do much if she doesn't open up! Perhaps now is the time to start carrying a spare set of keys to the patio door?
 Other story: Keila has decided that we need to have a birthday party for Wasabi the cat, who is turning 5 this month. I am apparently crazy and have agreed to this idea, so we will be having up to 18 children over to celebrate. Praying for clear skies that day as otherwise this party will be a disaster! Keila is insisting that Wasabi will dress up and perform tricks for everyone, although my bets are on the guest of honor going into hiding for the duration of the party.
 5. Not sure of Keila's height, although yet another person told me she seems tall? Her weight is holding steady at 16 kilos, however.

 That's it for this month!