Sunday, July 27, 2014

Keila's VERY Late 44 Month Update!

  Well, seeing as it's nearing time for Keila's 45 month update, I figured I'd better get her 44 month one done. The 6th of July came and went with family here visiting, and I did realize about 2 days late that I hadn't posted her blog, but then I just never got around to doing it. Until now.'s what she's been doing in the past month and a half!

1. My entire family was commenting on what a cute British accent Keila has...and she likes to use British English more than American English, probably because she's often speaking with her British friends at nursery or church. She likes to correct me when I say the 'wrong' word and tells me how to say it the British way.
2. Sleep progress went sharply downhill with all our visitors, but we are finally back on track after I resorted to bribing her to sleep through the night. At this point, I will do whatever it takes to get some rest!
3. We haven't been swimming lately, but hopefully we will get the chance to go to the pool after our holiday in a few weeks. I did buy Keila a paddling pool for the back yard (back garden, as she would tell me) but it's only recently been warm enough to get it out. Hopefully the lack of practice won't set her back at all.
 Keila is on summer vacation from nursery school now, so she's been keeping me busy. She has a little farmer tan despite the fact that I keep slathering her with sunscreen every few hours. We've been to the splash pad at the park, on picnics, and just playing outside as much as possible. I find that sleep quality improves in proportion to how much outdoor time she gets!
 Keila is also asking me to teach her math and numbers, so we've started basic addition and subtraction. She gets the concept without any problem, and she can even add and subtract a few numbers in her head without counting them out. Not sure if she's just memorized the answers or what, but it's a great start. I think that reading will likely follow shortly, as she's been asking me to teach her that, too.
 4. Quick story for this post: Keila kept asking me tonight how to say in Japanese something about 'eating a real toe'. I told her that nobody eats toes, real or otherwise. She got quite frustrated and kept insisting that yes, it was about 'eat a real toe' and it means 'thank you'! I finally figured out that she was trying to ask how to pronounce 'ARIGATOU'! Haha!
 5. Keila is about 16.8 kilos, not sure of her height but people are talking again about how much she's grown. Will try to measure her before the next post!

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