Thursday, February 6, 2014

Keila's 39 Month Update

  Well, I've just about given up on blogging other than Keila's montly updates. Now that she's in nursery, I do have more time but it's spent swimming or cleaning! We did find a new product at Whole Foods the other week that I may post about...maybe. How do people with more than one child find time to blog??
 Anyway, here's what Keila has been up to the past month*

1. Language is of course progressing day by day, although her Japanese hasn't made any noticeable improvements since last month. We really need to stop speaking English so much in the house!
2. Sleep has finally gotten somewhat back on was at an all-time low when she was sick with a cold AND we were stupid enough to take her paci away at the same time. Apparently I like to torture myself. Now that we're doing relatively better (she still gets up at night if she needs the toilet), go figure she's caught another cold and has been up a lot tonight already.
3. Keila is doing great full-time at nursery! The transition to eating lunch there and staying until 3 pm has gone really well! By Thursday afternoon she's pretty worn out from 3 straight days of playing and having fun, but she loves it. It's been great for her social skills, too--we aren't quite as shy around other people now, and I often catch her singing songs from school when before she never sang along to much of anything. However, sometimes she's a bit overly confident and I have to chase her through the store when she runs from me!
 4. Story of the month....literally a story! Keila was eating dinner and decided to tell me a fairy tale: 'Once upon a time, there was a little mango who thought the sky was falling. He lived in the woods with his mama and hurt his knee.'  I asked if he fell and hurt his knee, to which she responded (as if it were obvious): 'NO, he hurt his knee because the sky fell!!'
 5. Keila is almost 16 kilos now, so she really has been going through a growth spurt. Not sure how tall she is?

Preparing for Valentine's Day...

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